Spring Meeting:  5th-6th March 1994, Bracknell

What could be closer to a pilot’s heart than the weather?  A visit to the Met Office answered many questions and gave a much deeper insight into the methods whereby our forecasts are produced.  On the Sunday morning Peter Saundby gave his provocative views on the certification of fitness to fly and how it should, or might be assessed.  Some AMEs looked a little thoughtful by the end!  Brian Pickard’s illustrated talk on St. Helena intrigued all.


  • Fit or not fit to fly (Saundby)
  • A volcanic island without an airfield [St. Helena] (Pickard)
  • Weather forecasting: history and current methods (Met Office team).
Autumn Meeting:  2nd-4th September 1994, Nottingham

After landing at easy-to-find Tollerton, attendees enjoyed a comprehensive programme arranged by Gordon Taylor, Kevin Gibbin and their team.  This included access to the British Midland Boeing 737 simulator at Castledon, where several of the pilots found out the hard way what an easy life airline pilots have! Or maybe not… Some others went to Rolls-Royce and yet more to the Crown Derby china museum, whilst the Castle Donnington Motor Museum catered for the rest.  The social side included a medieval banquet on the Friday night and a formal dinner in the Pavilion at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground.  Sunday morning included a visit to Belvoir Castle before departure in fine weather.