There are  now two main trophies which are awarded annually to members for a variety of feats and achievements.

Guinness Trophy

The Guinness Trophy was presented to the BMPA by Arthur Guinness Son & Co (Park Royal) Ltd on 27th June 1970. It is awarded annually to the winner of a flying or navigation competition at the autumn meeting. A list of previous winners is given below, there was no competition in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.

It was not possible to run the flying competition for this in 1974 as Jersey is permanently IFR. Chris Linton and Derek Wilkins kept it for the following year. In 1976, at Southend, the trophy was awarded to the member whose aircraft touched down nearest to the ETA previously notified to the Hon Secretary; Brian Pickard and Jim Pembleton both touched down equally within 10 seconds of their declared times so were declared joint winners. The next year there was no one at Middle Wallop to record landing times; four members claimed to have arrived “on the dot” so the trophy was awarded to Karl-Heintz Schmidt for his long distance flight from Bonn, which terminated with his SF260 getting a bent nose-wheel leg, caused by a wallop from a sod on the field at Middle Wallop.

The 1978 fly-in was at Newcastle, organised by Mary Smith and she was awarded the Trophy. At Yeovilton in 1979 the trophy was awarded for a combination of distance flown, engine size and number of passengers. Maurice Hallett and Sheila Crute flying their Rallye from Newcastle narrowly beat Dr R Kendall in his home-built Cavalier from Sunderland.

In 1989 the president, David Rowe won it at Bournemouth by accident. He was late leaving Headcorn and go “sent round the houses” by Southampton ATC. By chance his wife Gill filmed the landing and the time recorded on the video tape – and shown in the corner of the picture – revealed that he was just about spot on his declared ETA!

2022David HorobinG-MOTIYork
2021Chris CorbinG-DRCCChester
2019Jonathan BrownG-SAPMCambridge
2018Jonathan BrownG-SHEDBrize Norton
2017Jonathan BrownG-SAPMInverness
2016Liana Middleton G-AVWISywell
2015Andrew Partner G-AZWSNewquay
2014Andrew & Sara Clymo G-AZRKOld Warden
2013Mike Bagshaw G-ATXDGloucestershire
2007Andrew & Sara ClymoG-AZRKWinchester
2006Roger AustinG-AXPBCranfield
2005Kevin & Ann GibbinG-BVESBagby
2004Ian & Diane MartinN95TAEast Midlands
2003Ian & Diane MartinG-WARHShoreham
2002David & Malcolm NottG-TWYNNewcastle
2001John & Ann BusbyG-MELVBristol
2000Michael & Penny BagshawG-BENJCambridge
1999Tony & Diana WatsonCoventry
1998Kevin & Ann GibbinG-AZIBDundee
1997Tony & Diana WatsonBlack Country
1996Michael & Caroline BagshawG-BENJNorwich
1995Tom DayG-AYOZScarborough
1994Geoff & Gerlinde FearnleyG-THSLNottingham
1993Geoff & Gerlinde FearnleyG-THSLSwansea
1992John & Ann BusbyG-BBXULeeds
1991Geoff & Gerlinde FearnleyG-THSLSouthampton
1990Ray & Rosemary OutwinG-ATZSCheltenham
1989David & Gill RoweG-BALJBournemouth
1988Dr H O HolmCambridge
1987Dr J M Masson AAMFStratford
1986Pat & Michael FisherG-BAKJManchester
1985Ray & Rosemary OutwinG-AZOARochester
1983Dr R H W Hartmann GermanyYork
1981Alice et Jacques DubuissonKidlington
1980Dr V Nolens & Dr V P NolensTeeside
1979S Crute & M HallettYeovilton
1976Jim Pembleton, Brian PickardSouthend
1975Dr H O HolmBembridge
1973Dr C D Linton & Dr D C WilkinsSt Just
1972Bill & Inga WilkinsonCambridge
1971Brian & Celia PickardRedhill
1970Dr H O HolmSleap

Pooley Quaich

Quaich or Quaigh (Scot.) n a drinking-cup, originally made of staves and hoops, now usually of silver or pewter. [Gael. cuach, a cup.]

The Pooley Quaich was presented to the BMPA by Bob and Janet Pooley at the 1998 Autumn Meeting in Dundee.  It  is now awarded by the President,  in place  of the lost President’s Cup, to any member who is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the Association.

2022Ian WilsonFor great contribution to the association by taking on the responsibilities of secretary.
2021Ian DonnanFor several years’ service to the BMPA as hon secretary.
2019David HillamFor his work on the website.
2018Janet GibsonFor her six years of service as Hon. Treasurer.
2017Frankie WaltersFor her continuing sterling service to the Association by auditing the accounts.
2016Brian Pickard For his absolutely sterling resolution to attend all BMPA meetings he possibly can,  in spite of  all the practical difficulties  he faced in doing so.
2015Jeremy RadcliffeFor many years service as Secretary.
2014David HillamFor organising meetings at Cheltenham and Somerset.
2013Frankie WaltersFor many years service to the BMPA and acting as its auditor of accounts.
2005Norena McAdamFor many years service as Secretary.
2003Tony SegalFor aviation medical research.
2001David KnottFor a meritorious days flying to Tortworth, Kemble and Bristol  having sat his ATPL in the morning, travelled by helicopter to South Wales to collect his father and then back to Kemble for the evening
1998Jeremy & Sally RadcliffeFor winning an aviation quiz at Dundee.

President’s Cup

The President’s Cup was originally called the Sydney Agnew Cup and was awarded to the winner of a photographic competition for aviation subjects. It was inaugurated at the 1980 Summer meeting at Teeside and has been awarded to FD Trevarthen (1981, for a picture of a girl on a Tiger Moth) and Doug Bain (1982, Concour d’Elegance and lecture on survival) amongst others.

More recently, the President’s Cup was awarded at the autumn meeting by the President, for particular service to the Association during the preceding year.

Unfortunately,  in recent years the President’s Cup  has been lost.  It is thought most likely that a number of years ago it was awarded to a visitor from abroad who, due to an error of communication, did not realise that it should be returned.  All attempts to identify the recipient or the destination have so far been fruitless!