Spring Meeting:  2nd March 1985, St Johns Wood

Film presentation by Hoecht UK Ltd on medical confidentiality and then lectures by Mike Bagshow and David Reader and the first video made by a member, Brian Pickard, entitled “Ears in my Chipmunk”. Formal dinner in the evening.


  • Ears in my Chipmunk (Video: Pickard)
  • USAF School of Aerospace (Reader)
  • Current general aviation medical problems (Bagshaw)
Autumn Meeting:  6th-8th September 1985, Leeds Castle, Maidstone

Visit to GEC Avionics to see Computer Assisted Design (CAD) equipment, moving maps, image intensifiers and Head-up displays (HUD).  Our guide was engineer Michael Tooze, who told us on Sunday morning of the trials and tribulations of building and flying his Rutan “Vari-Eze”.  Saturday was spent visiting Romney, Hythe and Dimchurch light railway and Canterbury, followed by a reception and a tour of Leeds Castle, with dinner in its Fairfax Hall.


  • Building and flying a Rutan Vari-Eze (Tooze)