Spring Meeting:  6th-7th March 1993, Cambridge

The Garden House Hotel again. Tony Segal gave a very revealing presentation on the risks to glider pilots from inadequate cushioning in their seats.  He showed a film of a laboratory glider crash and demonstrated the absorptive properties of Dynafoam and Chipfoam – which could mean the difference between walking away and never walking again.  Dr Mike Almond spoke about his experiences as a medical evacuation officer in the Gulf War.


  • Crash-worthiness and pilot injuries in gliders (Segal)
  • N.C.E.P.O.D. analysis of post-operative mortality (Hoiles)
  • Aero-medical casualty evacuation in the Gulf War (Almond).
Autumn Meeting:  3rd-5th September 1993, Swansea

Wonderful weather and a good programme, including a Hwyrnos, a Welsh evening with food and song and a trip to some very ancient caves.