Spring Meeting:  5th-6th March 1977, Banbury

President Sydney Agnew back from a sabbatical year with the Queensland Flying Doctor service. Hon Sec. Jeffrey Spry-Leverton introduced his book on early commercial aviation in Great Britain. A new Hon Sec. (a Yorkshireman, a great change from the literary southern gentleman members were used to) took office. A later minute book records “his monotonous delivery aggravated by a Yorkshire dialect”. The President requested black tie for the dinner.


  • Work as a USAF Flight Surgeon (Howard)
  • Flying doctor experience in Australia (Agnew)
  • The first decade of UK Civil Aviation (Spry-Leverton)
Autumn Meeting:  9th-11th September 1977, Middle Wallop

A strict ETA had to be given and adhered to, this event being made possible only by Major Mike Somerton-Rayner’s long and close association with the Army. An enormous grass field and comfortable Officers’ Mess were the setting for learning about the history and development of the Army Air Corps organization with a static display of fixed wing and helicopter aircraft. Mike gave a spectacular solo performance in a Skeeter helicopter. A military band was in attendance at dinner, a romantic occasion with candlelight reflecting beautiful silverware in the long polished table. At the AGM it was proposed that five Associate Members be appointed at discretion. There was divided response to the suggestion that deans of Medical and Dental Schools be informed of the existence of the BMPA.


  • Helicopters in modern warfare (team at Middle Wallop)