Spring Meeting:  7th-8th March 1986, North Luffenham, Stamford

RAF Aviation Medical Training Centre, commanded by BMPA Past President David Reader.  Volunteers were found for spatial disorientation and pressure breathing runs.  Ejection seats, cockpit layouts and oxygen fault training simulators were demonstrated, along with survival clothing and equipment.  Accommodation was at the George of Stamford.  Sunday saw films and a vist to Rockingham Castle.


  • Ferry flight Australia-UK (Masefield)
  • British Aerospace: new ATP aircraft (Robinson).
Autumn Meeting:  12th-14th September 1986, Manchester

Newspaper article for September 13th:  “More than 30 ‘flying doctors’,  members of the British Medical Pilots Association, were last night flying their light planes from many parts of the UK to Woodford Aerodrome, near Stockport, for a weekend of meetings and their annual dinner“.   In fact 11 aircraft turned up, including the French and German Presidents, Drs Masson and Hartmann. Our member,  Dr  Ian Donnan, was the new Medical Officer at Manchester Airport.  Visits were made to Air Traffic Control, the Medical Centre,  Jodrell Bank radio telescope and planetarium and finally to the Belfry Hotel for a formal dinner.