Spring Meeting:  5th March 1982, Heathrow

A visit to British Airways, courtesy of Roger Green, Principal Medical Officer (Air), gave an opportunity to inspect a Concorde undergoing maintenance and to talk with a Captain. There was discussion of medical problems and the medical supplies carried and a look at the Flight Catering Centre.  Some members, wearing white overalls to protect elegant clothing, were allowed to leap down the safety chute of a Boeing 747 mock-up.  A steel band played as 57 members and guests sat down to dinner.

Autumn Meeting:  10th-12th September 1982, Arundel, Chichester

Early arrivals saw a performance of “Cavell” with Joan Plowright, at the Chichester Theatre.  Aircraft arrived at Goodwood, lectures and dinner were in the Avisford Park Hotel. There was a visit to Arundel Castle and the President’s Cup went to Doug Bain for Concours d’Elegance and a lecture on survival.


  • Return ticket – some aspects of survival (Bain)
  • The rehabilitation of motion sick aircrew (Bagshaw)
  • Psychology of light aviation (Green)
  • In flight measurement of physiological variables (Hay)
  • Oxygen in general aviation (Macmillan)