Spring Meeting:  4th March 1983, Farnborough

A volunteer was accelerated to 4G for 10 seconds, 6G for 10 seconds and 4G for a further 10 seconds and was well spun as each group divided into two.  Rapid decompression up to 60,000 feet was demonstrated, with water boiling in the chamber.  A decelerator showed, from 15mph, a most violent effect on a dummy.

Autumn Meeting:  16th-18th September 1983, York

No less than 17 aircraft arrived at Rufforth, normally a glider field, in a strong crosswind.  There was dramatised version of “Cider with Rosie” on Friday evening, National Railway Museum Saturday morning, followed by lunch in the riverside Bonding Warehouse.  Afterwards to the Castle Museum, Merchant Adventurer’s Hall and the Minster, with dinner at the Royal Hotel.  Mike Somerton-Rayner’s postponed talk on his Auster flight to Australia preceded Sunday lunch.


  • Flight to Australia in an Auster (Somerton-Rayner)
  • Expedition Doctoring (Dilley)
  • Exhibits of RAF Museum, Hendon (Tagg)