Spring Meeting:  April.

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Summer Meeting:  21st-22nd June 1969, Coventry

Arrival and registration during Friday afternoon, followed by dinner at the Blackdown Restaurant at 1930 for 2000. Further arrivals on Saturday at Baginton Airport, where the landing fee was 25% of the usual charge, i.e. 4/6d. Free drink and buffet lunch at Coventry Aeroplane Club at 1200. Between 1400 and 1630 a glider and tug was available for members and guests to “have a go” at 50/- for a 20 minute flight, as well as watching demonstration flights and aerobatics. Afternoon tea in the hangar followed a hot air balloon flight, before dinner at the Coventry Aeroplane Club with dancing until 0100. The winner of the “Lucky Landing” competition was drawn by one of the lady guests. The menu was Prawn Cocktail or Consomme Royale, followed by Braised Lamb Cutlets with accompanying vegetables and finishing with Peach Melba, assorted cheeses and coffee. Sunday saw a business meeting at 1030, lectures from 1100 to 1230 and then snacks before departure.

  • Private Flying and the Owner-Pilot (Parkes)
  • Flight Safety and the Private Pilot (Bader)
  • Practical aspects of Survival at Sea (Whittingham)