Spring Meeting:   4th-5th March 1995, Birmingham

The Holiday Inn accommodated 33 members and guests, Harry Holden being the only one to fly in. Tony Segal spoke on parachute systems for light aircraft and gliders, Mike Bagshaw recounted the history of British Airways medical services, David Reader showed a video on disorientation and President Ray Outwin recalled his “Auster Memories”.


  • Parachutes for light aircraft (Segal)
  • History of British Airways medical services (Bagshaw)
  • Disorientation (Video: Reader)
  • Auster memories (Outwin).
Autumn Meeting:   1st-3rd September 1995, Scarborough

Aircraft factories in the UK are about as common as hen’s teeth, so to find two within a coach ride of each other in Kirby Moorside, Yorkshire, was great value!  Slingsby’s were assembling S67 Fireflies (with clientele including Arabian royalty) whilst Ivan Shaw’s “Europa” is dispatched in kit form from a warehouse not far away.  Ivan demonstrated the prototype of the tricycle version of the Europa.  Steam buffs were in their element on the Sunday morning in the North Yorks Railway.


Those arriving at Wombleton by air on Friday were greeted by the President, Dr Ray Outwin, and Mrs Outwin and thence entertained royally. They also met Mr Eden Blythe, busy clearing enough space for the expected aircraft, who owns the airfield and Mr Henry Flintoff, who won the George Cross at the age of 13 for saving his boss’s life by controlling a mad bull.  Harry Holden acted as air traffic controller.

On Saturday morning at 9.30am whilst one party set off by coach for a tour of the moors, the other party visited the Slingsby aircraft factory, Kirbymoorside.

Mr Mike Rutter greeted the group at the factory and, after showing the work done by Slingsbys in making ship’s furniture, parts of hovercraft and gondolas for airships, took us along the production line of the Firefly aircraft.  The morning ended with an aerobatic display in the M200 by Mr Peter Clark who was rehearsing his display routine.

The aviation party lunched at the George and Dragon while the Moor party was entertained at the Lion Inn, a beautiful hostelry situated alone on the top of Blakey Ridge. After lunch the coach continued to transport the participants through the heather clad moors stopping at the places of interest along the way. The aviation group were driven the short distance to the depot for the supply of the parts of the Europa aircraft for home construction.  There Mr Ivan Shaw described his aim to make real flying affordable in his two seat, low winged Europa of which 252 kits had already been sold, to be maintained, when finished, on PFA permits.

Afterwards we again visited the airport where Ivan showed us the capabilities of his aircraft.

After the AGM and reception, the dinner was held in the hotel restaurant. The outgoing president, Ray Outwin, proposed the loyal toast and those of the German and French Presidents, awarded the Guinness Cup to Tom Day for his timely arrival on his first visit, coming all the way from Northern Ireland and the Presidents Cup to Harry Holden for his work as air traffic controller at Wombleton.  Ray then proposed the health of the guests to which Ivan Shaw gave a most amusing reply and Dr Hartmann followed in his usual three languages.

On Sunday the whole party took a trip on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and returned for lunch at the George and Dragon Hotel.

Brian Pickard