Spring Meeting 2020

Saturday 8th February 2020

RAF Club, Piccadilly, London. 11.00am to 5.00pm followed by a traditional convivial dinner, also in the splendour of the RAF Club. The theme of the meeting is: “Home Building” and will encompass various aspects of designing, construction and flying home-built aircraft with, of course, a medical emphasis.

Four presentations have been lined up, the order of which has yet to be decided. In alphabetical order they are:

Dr Peter Brueggeman. “The Return of the Red Baron”. Peter is a BMPA member and an AME in Norfolk. He has built a replica of Manfred von Richtofen’s famous WW1 Fokker DR1 triplane and which had its first flight in March 2019.

Miss Kate Howe. “Single Seat Aircraft – Flying on adrenaline”. Kate is a surveyor by profession and has had a PPL since 1989. She has owned and flown several vintage home-built aircraft, including a 1937 Dart Kitten and still owns and flies a Tipsy Nipper.

Capt. Mike Newall. “You Built THAT?” Mike was an A330 Captain until very recently, having worked for Thomas Cook. He is now happily retired and so has more time for his real love, which is building and flying aircraft of the Vans RV series – now on his sixth.

Dr Mike Trudgill. “Building and Flying Your Own Mustang: An AME’s tale”. We are especially honoured that the very recently appointed new UK CAA Chief Medical Officer has agreed to tell us his own story.

Non-members are most welcome to attend this meeting.

Further details and registration forms are available from the Secretary at iandonnan@aol.com.

September Meeting

11th-13 September 2020 (provisional dates).

The proposed venue is the city of Chester.  Those members flying to the meeting would land at Hawarden.  It is hoped to arrange a visit to the Airbus 380 wing factory and a variety of other visits/activities are planned.  Further details will be posted when available.